Apply for Uniek Gaming

Do you think you are Uniek? Find out how to apply to join Uniek Gaming. 

Think you are Uniek?

We are Uniek Gaming, a UK Based gaming community. To be Uniek is to be one of a kind and unlike anything else. We take on a variety of content creators who play a range of different games. At Uniek it doesn’t matter for us the size of your channel or if you have the best equipment. We are just looking for Uniek individuals! No matter what game you play, or the skill level you play at, we welcome creators that can showcase themselves and their personality, through their content. Most importantly, we are not a follow for follow or support for support community.

Uniek Values

At Uniek what makes us different is our community and our members. Below are some values each and every one of our Uniek members has. 

Uniek Rules

Please note the following rules will be in place ONCE you are successful in joining the organisation:

1. Please put UG | in front of your twitter name
2. When going live please put @UniekGaming in your tweet
3. Please have “member of @UniekGaming” in you twitter bio and twitch panels
4. In your twitch title please put !Uniek (This will relate to your !Uniek command)
5. Please all show support to fellow Uniek members by actively talking in there chat and spending time getting to know each other. We appreciate that you may not be interested in what some members play. We do not expect you to support every member.
6. Please set up and timer and command (!Uniek) for your Twitch channel stating- ‘I am a member of UniekGaming, we are a UK based gaming community, please go and follow us on twitter:
7. Please set up a !Uniekweb for your Twitch channel stating the website link –
8. Please do not self-promote in members’ chat. The streamer will make the choice to shout you out only.
9. Please do not directly self-promote or promote others in general chat (discord) These guidelines are put in place, so you represent UniekGaming
10. Uniek are looking for their content creators to stream at least once per week as a minimum, and remain consistent. Whilst we understand that holidays and circumstances can change, Uniek is still primarily a content creation organisation.
11. Although we don’t have a minimum requirement for Discord activity, please remember that this is our primary communication platform and we expect involvement from all members. We do not want to have to chase team members for low activity in the Uniek Gaming Discord.

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