The Uniek Story

Find out more about Uniek Gaming including why we started on this journey and the values of our community.

Founded May 2020

Woody_SNR and DToopy met when they were both a part of an American based gaming organisation. They both had the same passion for video games and communities. Soon becoming good friends, they both realised the lack of Gaming communities based in the UK. 

Their vision was to create a strong gaming community, based in the UK who can support one another, help each other and most importantly build what would feel like a family.  

In May 2020 Woody_SNR and DToopy founded Uniek gaming. To be Uniek is to be one of a kind and unlike anything else – with the name complimenting the values of the community. We take on a variety of content creators who play a range of different games. At Uniek it doesn’t matter for us the size of your channel or if you have the best equipment. We are just looking for Uniek individuals! No matter what game you play, or the skill level you play at, we welcome creators that can showcase themselves and their personality, through their content. Most importantly, we are not a follow for follow or support for support community.

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